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Friday, January 16, 2009

Meet The Skunk

Unlike the usual smelly little critters, this skunk can rocket past you on the Highway at killer speeds. Superbikes do not come with just two wheels anymore. This thing has a Yamaha YZF-R1 engine at its heart, talk about nasty! After reading, check EXODUS | TEES™ out, you might find an awesome and funny t-shirt for the weekend ride.

For kit prices: http://www.malonecar.com/kit 20prices 202.html you will have to calculate the amount if your not using Pounds (

What They Say About Their Ride..........

Performance Specs:

The Malone "Super Trike" ST F1000 has had every single component on the vehicle designed for the ultimate in performance,handling, stability and safety. The extremely low overall weight of the Malone (from around 270 to 300Kg.) means that the 144-180+ Bhp Yamaha R1/Fazer 1000cc motorcycle power plant can be used to full advantage.


The chassis is a fully triangulated space frame, fabricated from round and square steel tubing which is clad with riveted and bonded aluminum or dural sheeting. The GRP/Kevlar reinforced body shell is likewise riveted, and bonded to the chassis. The cavities are then filled with ridged closed-cell foam creating an extremely strong monocoque tub that is light, stiff yet has a high impact resistance.


The ST/F 1000 uses a highly effective dual circuit braking system with adjustable bias. 300mm discs, and Wilwood racing calipers all round, give it phenomenal stopping capabilities. The trike's sequential gearbox is actuated by paddles behind the steering wheel that operate a "rose jointed” linkage for crisp hands-on operation and allowing you to take complete advantage of the bike engine power. A full reverse gear option is available.

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Anonymous said...

Nice trike, I like the G2 with the aero kit better.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the g2 is pretty sick looking.

Ken Lam said...

Me too. G2 is very cool.

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