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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Venom

Been a wee bit busy with ExodusTees.com I should throw some Tees with images of trikes on there (not sure if that's a good idea or not) feel free to persuade me; make a request for a trike you would like to see on a Tee to admin@exodustees.com.

Now, choose your Venom and lucky for you it comes in 3 flavors: Venom R, SS and Stage II.

Venom R:

Throw a Busa 1300R engine in a light weight chassis and.........puff-the Venom R is born. Yes I know, put the Venom, G2 and T-Rex next to each other, strip the logos and Grandma won't be the only one confused.

Venom SS:

Cobalt lovers, this buds for you... Yep so the Venom SS has a bit of a twist as opposed to its other twin brothers. The SS comes with a Chevy Cobalt engine-ready to rumble.

Venom Stage II:

For all the DIYs out there, a rolling chassis your choice of engine and Vroom Vroom-yeah-they are considering putting a Mazda RX-7 motor inside the Venom.

There are a few other options available for the Venom-want more info? Vist www.trimotoindustries.com

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Meet The Skunk

Unlike the usual smelly little critters, this skunk can rocket past you on the Highway at killer speeds. Superbikes do not come with just two wheels anymore. This thing has a Yamaha YZF-R1 engine at its heart, talk about nasty! After reading, check EXODUS | TEES™ out, you might find an awesome and funny t-shirt for the weekend ride.

For kit prices: http://www.malonecar.com/kit 20prices 202.html you will have to calculate the amount if your not using Pounds (

What They Say About Their Ride..........

Performance Specs:

The Malone "Super Trike" ST F1000 has had every single component on the vehicle designed for the ultimate in performance,handling, stability and safety. The extremely low overall weight of the Malone (from around 270 to 300Kg.) means that the 144-180+ Bhp Yamaha R1/Fazer 1000cc motorcycle power plant can be used to full advantage.


The chassis is a fully triangulated space frame, fabricated from round and square steel tubing which is clad with riveted and bonded aluminum or dural sheeting. The GRP/Kevlar reinforced body shell is likewise riveted, and bonded to the chassis. The cavities are then filled with ridged closed-cell foam creating an extremely strong monocoque tub that is light, stiff yet has a high impact resistance.


The ST/F 1000 uses a highly effective dual circuit braking system with adjustable bias. 300mm discs, and Wilwood racing calipers all round, give it phenomenal stopping capabilities. The trike's sequential gearbox is actuated by paddles behind the steering wheel that operate a "rose jointed” linkage for crisp hands-on operation and allowing you to take complete advantage of the bike engine power. A full reverse gear option is available.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What is the G2?

Answer: Very exciting! Looking at the pics has me digging my fingers into the keyboard, holding on as I imagine myself attacking the twisties performing 3 wheel drifts-key word imagine. The G2 is not a T-Rex-just from the looks of it-the T-Rex's meaner looking half. Buy the rolling chasis-starting at $19,995-and get this; you can put any motorcycle engine you want inside. That's like picking up a Stepford Wife and dropping in your own chip that lets her be how you want her to be.

Here are the manufacturer's specs:

The new G-2, a powerful racing car and three-wheeler superbike. It accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in only 3,8 seconds and it is 100% street legal.

Chassis : Multi-tubular steel frame

Body :


T-TOP, tt version

Suspensions :

Front : Opposed triangular arms/Anti-roll bar

Rear : Triangle monocross, fully adjustable

Brakes : Discs (front and rear Wildwood calipers)

Seat, foot-pedal : Adjustable

Tires :

Front : 205/40/R17

Rear : 295/35/R18

Dimensions :

Wheel Base : 2,388 mm (94”)

Length : 3,500 mm (138”)

Weight : 454 kg (1,000 lbs)

Weight : 523 kg (1,150 lbs) ( fully equipped & engine)

Fuel Capacity : 28 liters (7.5 US gal.)

With the proper engine your G-2 can reach 0-60 mph in 3.8 sec. and
a lateral acceleration of 2 g.

This is what you get for the base kit-$19,995:

  • Frame (tubular steel)
  • Body (gel coated composite)
  • Wheels & tires 205/40/17
  • Rear aluminum custom wheel & tire 295/35/18
  • 4 points Security seatbelt
  • FRP Seat
  • Head rest
  • fuel tank and cap
  • Arm shifter, Gas & clutch pedal
  • Steering system: Wheel, rack, pinion, column & attachment
  • Brakes system: Rear & front: discs, calipers & supports, master cylinder.
  • Suspension system: Front shocks & springs, lower and upper triangular control arms, sway bar & bushings, rear swing arm, mono-shock, attachment and bushings.
  • Radiator & electric Fan.
Here's a quick link to their frequently asked questions section:

To top it off, here's a video of that moster in action, catch you later.......

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Pics are of the G2 with the Aero 3S kit, for basic kit check the site out.

Also visit EXODUS | TEES™ | Noveltey Tees For Men & Women

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lazareth Come Forth!

Was a bit busy with EXODUS | TEES™ but it was worth the wait to see this bad boy/girl (your choice). Don't let the rear wheels fool you, it is a trike-think of those two big road burners has just that-road burners. They provide the traction this baby needs to propel you into another dimension.

I am still digging up the dirt on this one (only a portion of their site is in English) you don't need a translator to tell you that this is one serious looking machine-those are car wheels for Christ sake. How much? When will it be available? Will it be here in the states? If there is a reader who knows-please share the info. In the meantime stay tuned and check out EXODUS | TEES™

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aptera, Future Of Electric & Jetsons Fav Ride.

One as to wonder if George Jetson is jealous or jumping for joy right now. Could this funny shaped vehicle be the future of electric, its not as easy on the eyes as a Tesla which by-the-way would be more acceptable into mainstream life. I figure if all does not go well for the Aptera, there is always the option of rigging it with propellers and giving AirWolf a good show. Check out what the manufacurer has to say about their product.........

The Aptera was designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle, and later as an extended range electric vehicle. After building the proof-of-concept Mk-0, we hired the automotive design firm, 'eleven', to help us further develop the concept vehicle. The 'eleven' team, led by Jason Hill and Nathan Armstrong, made great strides in the development of the Aptera's body styling, interior design, and structural engineering. Meanwhile, we refined the Aptera's shape to maximize efficiency using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), developed and built advanced suspension and drivetrain components, and integrated a strong yet lightweight composite shell. Our entire process has been developed in-house exclusively by Aptera for the Aptera Typ-1. Our structural elements have undergone countless revisions of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to be lightweight, robust, and manufacturable.

Based on our wheel layout and our weight,
the Aptera Typ-1 is registered as a motorcycle

In fact, Aptera is a motorcycle manufacturer registered with DOT and CA DMV. This means, among other things, that we are able to issue VIN's. Our 'world identifier number' is '5WT', so all of our VIN's begin with '5WT'. Knowing the public perception of motorcycle safety, we made the decision to make safety a fundamental part of the design of our vehicles. For example, the Typ-1 roof is designed to EXCEED rollover strength requirements spelled out in FMVSS 216 for passenger vehicles. The doors EXCEED the strength requirement spelled out in FMVSS 214. We decided not just to meet many of the specs for passenger vehicles, which are set above and beyond the requirements for motorcycles, but we chose to exceed them whenever possible. Just a few of the many parts of the safety systems on the Typ-1 are airbag-in seatbelt technology, a front subframe and a firewall that redirects energy around the occupants.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Convert Your Motorcycle Into A Trike Roadster?

The following text is taken straight from the website: http://www.phoenixtrikeroadsters.com/


Economical - 45 to 60 mpg
Value - precision engineered - US built

Front engine - shaft drive motors
Mid engine - chain or belt drive motors

Available in single or double seating
Optional body styles
Kit or turn key

Evidently someone among us Trike lovers (gas paying haters) is running motorcycle conversions into a Reverse Trike. The general public views them as more safe (what really is safe?), if VW had produced the GX3 they would be the leaders in a niche market that is slowly wedging itself onto the streets of America.

More surprisingly thou is the fact that the Japanese sport bike manufacturers have not jumped in (still on the search for any concepts), on the same token Peugeot (not Japanese) did however make a concept. See it here.
Being a devils advocate, is America- a sue crazy society-ready for machines such as these, machines that do 0-60 in 4 seconds and handles like formula cars, especially in the hands of guys who think real racing is in a straight line.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The T42 Turbo

Based on a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 motorcycle with the added power of a turbo, this trike may not be as quick as a T-REX with uses a Kawa-waki-saki (Kawasaki) 1400 R engine, but it does look like a fighter jet about to take off.

Get links to the video here: http://www.mride.se/video.html

Can't find anything on price thou-if there isn't any, that just means it cost too much-guess its all as well too, something that looks like that not only is an attention getter but would definitely prompt some stoplight Grand Prix.

Parts of the site is in English-anyone care to translate the other parts?

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