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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Venom

Been a wee bit busy with ExodusTees.com I should throw some Tees with images of trikes on there (not sure if that's a good idea or not) feel free to persuade me; make a request for a trike you would like to see on a Tee to admin@exodustees.com.

Now, choose your Venom and lucky for you it comes in 3 flavors: Venom R, SS and Stage II.

Venom R:

Throw a Busa 1300R engine in a light weight chassis and.........puff-the Venom R is born. Yes I know, put the Venom, G2 and T-Rex next to each other, strip the logos and Grandma won't be the only one confused.

Venom SS:

Cobalt lovers, this buds for you... Yep so the Venom SS has a bit of a twist as opposed to its other twin brothers. The SS comes with a Chevy Cobalt engine-ready to rumble.

Venom Stage II:

For all the DIYs out there, a rolling chassis your choice of engine and Vroom Vroom-yeah-they are considering putting a Mazda RX-7 motor inside the Venom.

There are a few other options available for the Venom-want more info? Vist www.trimotoindustries.com

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1 comment:

Ken Lam said...

Wow! It seems a powerful trike.

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