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Aprilia Magnet Concept
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lazareth Come Forth!

Was a bit busy with EXODUS | TEES™ but it was worth the wait to see this bad boy/girl (your choice). Don't let the rear wheels fool you, it is a trike-think of those two big road burners has just that-road burners. They provide the traction this baby needs to propel you into another dimension.

I am still digging up the dirt on this one (only a portion of their site is in English) you don't need a translator to tell you that this is one serious looking machine-those are car wheels for Christ sake. How much? When will it be available? Will it be here in the states? If there is a reader who knows-please share the info. In the meantime stay tuned and check out EXODUS | TEES™

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Anonymous said...

Holy S&%t!Man thats sick.

Ken Lam said...

It is my dream trike.

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