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Monday, July 21, 2008

Convert Your Motorcycle Into A Trike Roadster?

The following text is taken straight from the website: http://www.phoenixtrikeroadsters.com/


Economical - 45 to 60 mpg
Value - precision engineered - US built

Front engine - shaft drive motors
Mid engine - chain or belt drive motors

Available in single or double seating
Optional body styles
Kit or turn key

Evidently someone among us Trike lovers (gas paying haters) is running motorcycle conversions into a Reverse Trike. The general public views them as more safe (what really is safe?), if VW had produced the GX3 they would be the leaders in a niche market that is slowly wedging itself onto the streets of America.

More surprisingly thou is the fact that the Japanese sport bike manufacturers have not jumped in (still on the search for any concepts), on the same token Peugeot (not Japanese) did however make a concept. See it here.
Being a devils advocate, is America- a sue crazy society-ready for machines such as these, machines that do 0-60 in 4 seconds and handles like formula cars, especially in the hands of guys who think real racing is in a straight line.

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