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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What is the G2?

Answer: Very exciting! Looking at the pics has me digging my fingers into the keyboard, holding on as I imagine myself attacking the twisties performing 3 wheel drifts-key word imagine. The G2 is not a T-Rex-just from the looks of it-the T-Rex's meaner looking half. Buy the rolling chasis-starting at $19,995-and get this; you can put any motorcycle engine you want inside. That's like picking up a Stepford Wife and dropping in your own chip that lets her be how you want her to be.

Here are the manufacturer's specs:

The new G-2, a powerful racing car and three-wheeler superbike. It accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in only 3,8 seconds and it is 100% street legal.

Chassis : Multi-tubular steel frame

Body :


T-TOP, tt version

Suspensions :

Front : Opposed triangular arms/Anti-roll bar

Rear : Triangle monocross, fully adjustable

Brakes : Discs (front and rear Wildwood calipers)

Seat, foot-pedal : Adjustable

Tires :

Front : 205/40/R17

Rear : 295/35/R18

Dimensions :

Wheel Base : 2,388 mm (94”)

Length : 3,500 mm (138”)

Weight : 454 kg (1,000 lbs)

Weight : 523 kg (1,150 lbs) ( fully equipped & engine)

Fuel Capacity : 28 liters (7.5 US gal.)

With the proper engine your G-2 can reach 0-60 mph in 3.8 sec. and
a lateral acceleration of 2 g.

This is what you get for the base kit-$19,995:

  • Frame (tubular steel)
  • Body (gel coated composite)
  • Wheels & tires 205/40/17
  • Rear aluminum custom wheel & tire 295/35/18
  • 4 points Security seatbelt
  • FRP Seat
  • Head rest
  • fuel tank and cap
  • Arm shifter, Gas & clutch pedal
  • Steering system: Wheel, rack, pinion, column & attachment
  • Brakes system: Rear & front: discs, calipers & supports, master cylinder.
  • Suspension system: Front shocks & springs, lower and upper triangular control arms, sway bar & bushings, rear swing arm, mono-shock, attachment and bushings.
  • Radiator & electric Fan.
Here's a quick link to their frequently asked questions section:

To top it off, here's a video of that moster in action, catch you later.......

Videos and/or pictures are from:
Pics are of the G2 with the Aero 3S kit, for basic kit check the site out.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is that thing street legal?

Anonymous said...

I think it is.

Ken Lam said...

Wow! What a great trike? Can I buy it? I love it very much.

Anonymous said...

What you are looking at, the the blogger admits in the fine print under the post, is an Aero3s body kit for a Trex that costs over $20000. How he posts it as a different vehicle and price is unknown. Go to aero3s.com and see for yourself. If your still interested after that. The original race trike Trex starts at about $60,000 for a 2014 with the carbon fiber aero kit, about $100,000.
Of course, there are many cheaper look alike available. ..):

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